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Test Track Exams

Our Maths and English tests have been developed specifically to provide a precise measure of attainment whilst perfectly following the style of 11 plus examination. We therefore recommend the these papers for formal mock 11 plus practice testing.
Launched in 2019 our CiNTest is a powerful tool in understanding the full potential of your child. When used in conjunction with the Maths and English testing it is possible to ascertain where a child is underachieving their true ability level.

1 Hour Written Exam

Available for Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6


1 Hour Written Exam

Available for Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6


2 Hour Written Exam

Year 5 Only

Few schools look to measure your child’s potential. CiNTest is used to give an indication of a child's potential, what they could achieve and how they learn best. The results help to identify if your child is underachieving, or if there any specific learning needs.

The CiNTest is designed to assess a pupil’s ability in three different areas: verbal (thinking with words); quantitative (thinking with numbers); and non-verbal (thinking with shapes and space).  This is assessed in the reasoning section of 11 plus papers.


If you feel that your child may be underachieving then the CiNTest in conjunction with the Maths and English assessments will give you a true picture.


Furthermore, CiNTest scores can be improved upon with familiarisation making this test ideal for anyone considering taking 11 plus tests. The analysis and feedback provided will help you know the areas your child will need to focus on to achieve a better score.

These tests are only available for year 5 pupils.

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