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Next Test Dates:       21st    September 2019


                                                       28th  September 2019

Founder's Welcome to Test Track


Welcome to Test Track!

My name is Emma Hastings and I have built a career in the educational sector since I first qualified as a class teacher in 2001.During that time I have seen many changes to primary schooling which have sadly led to a lack of focus on individual pupils and their specific learning needs.To overcome this problem I have developed a simple system of tests for your child's core subjects of Maths and English to assess their current attainment, give feedback on where they are at compared to their age group and even track their academic progression from one test to the next. There are many reasons for parents to track their child's progress independently and my personal goal is to empower parents with the information that can improve their child's educational success. The feedback reports my tests provide will give you the keys to unlocking your child's full potential. 

Emma Hastings, Founder

What is Test Track?

It's simple. Your child sits a test at our test centre and one week later you receive their test results along with a detailed feedback report bespoke to your child.


The feedback report will pinpoint your child's attainment level compared with similar aged children. The report will clearly identify the areas your child has a secure understanding of and also topics that are weaker and need extra work. If you take a second exam at a future date you will also receive progress tracking feedback.

Our feedback report is designed to be used by parents to request more specific support from teachers and tutors in the language they understand.

After taking our test and receiving our report we GUARANTEE THE KNOWLEDGE WILL BE IN YOUR HANDS to take control over your child's educational needs, directly manage your child's future learning and track their progress over time.

Who is Test Track for?

Test Track has many uses, including but not limited to:

  • Parents of Year 3/4/5/6 pupils who care about their educational progress.

  • Parents with 11 plus success aspirations.

  • Parents of children who may benefit from extra familiarisation with formal testing.

  • Parents who are concerned their child is not achieving to their capabilities.

  • Parents who lack faith in feedback from school and seek independent evaluation.

  • Parents who are concerned their child is not making adequate progress in its current learning environment.

  • Parents wishing to identify gaps in learning for targeted support.

  • Parents looking to validate decisions to enter or not enter 11 plus exam.

  • Parents considering whether private tuition would benefit their child.



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